by Hygon

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released July 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Hygon France

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Track Name: Dino-Town
In the Dino Suburb,
Under the bridge,
A poor T-Rex is hiding in the dark !
He'd like to dance,
But he's the most awkward dino on Earth..

In the Dino Town,
In the Dino Town,
There's a T-Rex that keeps hiding !
In the Dino Town,
In the Dino Town,
He'd be on the floor, but he just can't swing !
Track Name: Will There Remain Dinosaurs?
The sun rises in Dino-Town
As I'm drifting through my mind.
Thinking how it's so lovely,
A perfect haven in harmony.

In this timeless place
nothing starts and nothing ends.
Nothing starts and nothing ends.

But everyday I wonder,
Will there always be dinosaurs?
And if Earthjust stopped spinning,
Would there still be dinosaurs?
Yeah when Earth will stop spinning,
Will there remain dinosaurs?
(Remain dinosaurs)

Sed ĉiutage mi miras
Ĉu estos plu dinosaŭroj?
Kaj se ekhaltus la Tero,
Ĉu estus plu dinosaŭroj?
Jes kiam haltos la Tero,
Ĉu estos plu dinosaŭroj?
Track Name: Impostor
Look for me,
I'm wearing a disguise, so you can't see me
'cause I'm not real
I'm just as clear as the air

Fooling the world,
I've been strolling around, for years
I only hope that
this fantasy will finally become real

I'm a pretender,
It's not me in the mirror.
I'm a pretender,
All of it was an error

Oh, look at me, I'm no dinosaur,
I'm just a boy (he's just a boy)
Costumed, made-up, I wish I'd fly
above the clouds (in the sky)

I'll dream on. Imagine that my dreams get real
I'm the impostor
Of Dino-Town

[Are you real ? Are you real, dinosaur ?]

Oh, look at me, I'm no dinosaur,
I'm just a boy (he's just a boy)
Costumed, made-up, I wish I'd fly
above the clouds (in the sky)

After all, things will never change
I'm on the ground (reeling around)
My dreams collapse, and fade away,
In the night.
Track Name: Giant Rocks
The giant rocks, from the sky,
They're coming down, crashing nigh.
The giant rocks, from the sky,
If you don't look out, we're gonna die.

Meteors are falling, burning my eyes.
Giant rocks of a dinosaur size.
We'll not make it if we don't hide quickly, We'll find a B plan to save the city.
We will survive, believe me.

Hold on, hold on, hold on, I'm taking control !
Keep calm, please stay quiet, we're reaching the goal !

The plan was very simple. The power of the Dino-Hop would make the planet deviate from the meteors.
No one knows if it worked out.
It will forever be a complete mistery.